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buy lisinopril hctz onlineAnthony Anselmi, the general manager of the Rolladium Family Skating Center in Waterford, was buy lisinopril online uk back in March of 2016 to introduce the start of the large rink renovation and addition project that was recently completed.

Now, Mike Martindale of The Detroit News has published an article and buy lisinopril 10 mg online with the new 5,000 square foot expansion. img_6618In this article, Anthony Anselmi made sure to point out that the traditional roller rink is still the primary draw, as it has been since earlier generations. “We’ve decided to keep what the public enjoys but also wanted to offer some different things — more than just skating,” said Anselmi.  He is proud to show off our enlarged section of 25 token-operated arcade games under the two-story ropes course.


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